Vagabond Opera at Someday on Mar 26th at 9pm

Here’s an upcoming show that would be great to see:

Balkan Party!! Vagabond Opera, Brass Menazeri and DJ Global Ruckas!
Someday Lounge
NW 5th and Couch
Portland, OR 97201

Price: $10/12
Our European homecoming party!

Announcing Balkan night! Featuring Brass Menazeri, San Francisco’s premier Balkan Rom (“Gypsy”) style brass band, performing hard driving music of Serbia, Macedonia & Greece. (w/ members of Gamalan X and Kitka)

Sets by Portland’s own DJ Global Ruckas spinning Eastern-Euro in between.

Vagabond Opera will be headlining.

Last night’s show of old diary reading at Someday was sold out, but maybe they’ll let me in to see this show instead?

Speaking of Balkans, apparently, the Balkan Beat Box couldn’t make it across the Canadian border to be at the show with March Fourth, so I don’t feel so bad about not going to that show a last week. Bummer for those that did go, and I hope that doesn’t mean Balkan Beat Box won’t come back some time!

Update 12mar08 @ 11:02am:

I’ve decided that if one is going to do it right and well, then the thing to do is to have dinner before the show at Two Brothers Cafe & Grill (829 SE 39th Ave) since they serve Balkan food.

Update 16mar08 @ 2:39am:

I got the date wrong. They are at the Someday lounge on the Wed the 26th, not Sat the 29th!

Update 21mar08 @ 1:50pm:

Vagabond Opera says, “Shake out those stripy tights, wax your mustache and practice your Oy! Oy! Oys! … Vagabond Opera is back from Portugal and is throwing on hell of a homecoming! … and featuring fire dancing by the stunning Amy HOtfield!”

And, they had more to say about the show:

Brass Menažeri (“Menagerie”) is the San Francisco Bay Area’s Balkan Romani (“Gypsy”) powerhouse Brass Band. The group cascades through the music of the Serbian, Macedonian, Greek & Rajasthani Roma with wild rhythms, soulful vocals & hot improvisations. The Brass Menažeri is a shining example of traditional Balkan repertoire combined with new sensibilities, innovative arrangements & original compositions at the hands & lips of American devotees. The group includes members of Kitka, Gamelan and are on the web at
They will rock your sock clear to Serbia!

See you there!

See you there, indeed.