links for 2009-02-19

  • "envisioning the uses & future of print, electronic, & new media books"

    " was created as an information portal for the increasing number of research and design projects associated with reenvisioning books and the attentive acts we call reading."

  • "We're a small think-and-do tank investigating the evolution of intellectual discourse as it shifts from printed pages to networked screens."
  • "They call this 'Sanctuary Wood' – for me it fulfils a dream. I’m sorry I trespass but if I had my dream somewhere like this would be my home and sanctuary."
  • "In the year 63 BCE, the Roman general Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, in the process of conquering Israel and all the surrounding territories, entered the most sacred place in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. What he found shocked him. For this temple was different in one crucial respect from all other temples."
  • "A traditional book is released in editions. When a work is revised or updated, a new edition is released. These revised or updated editions usually offer small, incremental changes, such as a new preface or introduction, a new chapter, or small changes to the content.

    An unbook is more like software"