Filastine at Mississippi on Apr 10th at 9pm

Although ¡Tchkung! and Infernal Noise Brigade are long gone, a little nostalgia can be had when Filastine comes to Portland on Apr 10th. I doubt there will be anything nearly as wild a show at Mississippi as I remember from back in the day, or even the time that a few fires were started during an impromptu march after the Infernal Noise Brigade show in Olympia … but, you know, still a thing worth checking out:

Portland Mercury | Filastine, Mark Farina and DJ Globalruckus | 2410 N Mississippi
Filastine, Mark Farina, DJ Globalruckus 
When: Fri., April 10, 9 p.m.
2410 N Mississippi”

There’s more about Filastine at The Stranger:

“A longtime Seattle resident, Filastine has been a part of the hammering rhythm section of anticapitalist tribal-rock/performance troupe ¡Tchkung!, conceiver and founding member of radical marching band Infernal Noise Brigade, and, most recently, a sweat-inducing club DJ and composer of wildly diverse and drrty laptop music. In short, he has spent his artistic life heretofore straddling the line between unrelentingly political statement and action, and the lost-in-music euphoria of the broadest possible definition of pop music. His new proper debut, Burn It (on kindred avant spirit DJ /rupture’s UK-based Soot Records), steams with juddering hiphop/modern R&B rhythms, South American breaks, North African trance, and a grip of vocal and instrumental contributors from every corner of the world.”