links for 2009-07-16

  • "The sad truth is that dehumanizing ideologies are still with us in the modern university, although they take very different forms. Prime examples include the unacceptable ways we sometimes talk and think about the autism spectrum."
  • "The zeal with which Victorians kept up chaste appearances is a giveaway, according to a type of analysis pursued by Michel Foucault, among others. When you presume to constrict, divert, disguise, and otherwise finesse a primal drive, you give it the run of your imagination."

    "As presented in Victorian art, the nude female is a hermetic vessel. For what? For stories and morals. The viewer’s gaze, frustrated in its sexual interest, dilates to take in the expression of the figure as a whole."

  • "Dangerous Minds is a compendium of the new and strange—new ideas, new art forms, new approaches to social issues and new finds from the outer reaches of pop culture. Our editorial policy, such that it is, reflects the interests, whimsies and peculiarities of the individual writers. And sometimes it doesn’t. Very often the idea is just “Here’s what so and so said, take a look and see what you think.”

    I’ll repeat that: We’re not necessarily endorsing everything you’ll find here, we’re merely saying “Here it is.” We think human beings are very strange and often totally hilarious. We enjoy weird and inexplicable things very much. We believe things have to change and change swiftly. It’s got to be about the common good or it’s no good at all. We like to get suggestions of fun/serious things from our good-looking, high IQ readers. We are your favorite distraction."

  • "SCCBank is a San Francisco-based financial innovation start-up, focusing on complementary currency systems.

    Ken Lynch founded SCCBank with other top tier school graduates to develop a pipeline of currency, payment, and banking innovations for a quickly changing financial and political landscape. Start-up values include financial safety, the environment, and community.

    The Carbon Coin is our first prototype currency, sold as novel art pieces. We are investigating how to grow this project within the context of the American regulatory framework, and are exploring how future Carbon Coins and other new currency innovations (including new mediums of exchange, store of value methods, etc) should be regulated."

  • "Capitalism or neo-liberalism is an essentially self-referential dogma. As the sole goal of the economy is to satisfy its own needs for growth, the citizen is no longer anything but a passive consumer.

    In the United States, the dogma tolerates social conflicts only insofar as they remain orthogonal to economic fault lines. Thus, we may debate abortion at our leisure, but social assistance is a "fiscally imprudent" idea. Of course, free market capitalism is no more an economic theory than greed is a theory of property. It is primarily hypnosis.

    The Republicans at least propose choices: one may be for or against tax reductions.

    The Democrats promise "vibrant communities" and "growing prosperity." What party do you have to belong to, or what planet, to not wish for such things?

    Just as science should be falsifiable, ideologies should be deniable."