Police action leaves me momentarily homeless

My bus home tonight was re-routed at Division and 82nd due to what the driver called a “police action” blocking Division both ways.

Division was blocked off at the cross street to my house so I had no choice but to wait until they were done, or else go around several blocks to the park and down; so I was momentarily homeless as I waited for the police to finish collecting evidence and let myself and the other gathered pedestrians through.

The police action was because of a shooting earlier in the intersection, where one person was wounded and two taken into custody; at least by what I overheard as one of the reporters was talking. Shots were heard outside the Thai food place, he said, though all the action was in the intersection.

Anyhow, I’m home now; but, it was interesting to come towards home and find my street blocked off and not be able to get through until they were done. Got to talk with several people about this and the hostage standoff that happened, I think, last month.

I lived in Seattle for 10 years, or something like that, and there’s been more action in my neighborhood here in the time I’ve been here than I remember ever in Seattle; though I really think Seattle was, overall, a more dangerous place. Maybe it’s just the distance in time that blurs my memory of it all …