links for 2009-08-01

  • "In the early '90s, I picked up a book called Shots from the Hip by Johnny Stiletto. The title and technique appealed. Frames grabbed by holding the camera with a wide-angle lens down low and hoping for the best.

    Today, everyone holds their camera at arm's length, weird angles and anything goes."

  • "Art and eloquence shape the roots of this program. Song and poetry naturally weave their why to account for the hero's journey. Each day we see the world through the archetypes of oral tradition. We experience the value of myth and legend to inspire people to great acts of caring and compassion."
  • "In this program kids have the power of decision, with bike, bus passes or a van (driven by the instructor) they decide where they go and what they are doing. Here we recognize that freedom is not only about self-autonomy and governance, it is also about building great competency. Youth become collaborators with the instructor, setting boundaries of safety and common care for one another. Every minute they are plotting adventure to journey by bike and bus to throughout the urban greenspaces of Portland."