Tweets for 2009-08-27

  • My landlord, knowing I was feeling ill this week, brought some bananas and pastries when he came by to pick up a rent check. That’s cool. #
  • Hey! Those pastries are not pastries at all. Those are hum bao! #
  • Crowley: “Phone the dentist immediately! The sticks have told me not to go.” #
  • Watching (Kid Koala’s) Slew’s It’s All Over: #
  • Listening to Codfresh, a Crate Digger Death-match album by Drown Radio: #
  • Listening to The Atomic Bros VS Drown Radio: #
  • “… a huge room full of all the equipment, weapons, and miscellaneous items the librarians needed, from climbing ropes to boathooks.” #