links for 2009-08-28

  • "A City-Wide Convergence in Portland, Oregon to be held on Wednesday October 28th to Friday, October 30th, 2009"

    "New Communicators are compelled to engage in conversation. They stand taller and stride farther when traversing the current media landscape. They are a mixture of digital and analog. Their message is everything interactive. Everything transmissive. Communicating is a give-and-take, speaking-and-listening, and New Communicators utilize a mixture of new and traditional tools to share their point-of-view with the world. Evolving conversation, they share their ideas, their truths, their lives."

  • ''As ThinkProgress previously reported, conservatives are increasingly enraptured with tentherism, which claims that landmark federal programs such as Medicare, Social Security, the VA health system and the G.I. Bill are violations of the 10th Amendment — and many leading conservative officials are determined to impose the tentherism on the country. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is a tenther, as are Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas embraces tenther claims that the federal minimum wage and the federal ban on whites-only lunch counters, among other things, are unconstitutional."
  • "It's fast-paced, confusing, and seems to be marked by almost random brutal violence. This might confirm the casual observer's opinion of Ireland — what with the vast majority of news emerging from that Isle over the past 50 years concerning 'the Troubles'.

    Look closer though and you see an intricately woven event, dubbed 'the fastest field game in the world,' that rewards speed, imagination and skill as much as it does strength, aggression and a healthy mean streak. Like the Irish themselves it's impossible to sum up the game with one pat phrase."

  • "Ex-Wolf-members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett are now set to join Koala on tour as they present The Slew, and they'll unveil their very special set-up in the cities below. Working with live drums, bass, keys, and six turntables, the group is going to deliver 70-minute sets of raw guitar and some of the dopest manipulated beats you've heard all year."
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  • "Kid Koala’s newest project is a turntable based rock band named Slew. "
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  • "That B&W structure is an actual image of a molecule and its atomic bonds. The first of its kind, in fact, and a breakthrough for the crazy IBM scientists in Zurich who spent 20 straight hours staring at the 'specimen'"
  • "In 1975, while staying at Hastings, England, with my aunt, I was fortunate enough to be introduced by her to Kathleen (or 'Johnny') Symonds, a charming widow in her 60s, who had not only been Aleister Crowley's last landlady but who was with him when he died in 1947."
  • "Bruce Webb, is a researcher, collector, and dealer of art and artifacts related to fraternal organizations and secret societies!"
  • "In 1975 Rodney Davies met Kathleen "Johnny" Symonds, who had been Aleister Crowley's (AKA "The Great Beast 666" and "The Wickedest Man on Earth") landlady during the last months of his life in 1947."