Zony Mash Plus Horns at Mississippi on Sep 26th at 9pm

Zony Mash used to host their zonymash.com website with one of the ISPs I worked at. Yeah, trivia! But, more importantly, I’m clearly connected to greatness, don’t y’know?

Zony Mash will be playing with a horn section at Mississippi Studios on Sat, Sep 26th at 9pm.

You only really need to know two things about this show, and both are sufficient in and of themselves: Wayne Horvitz & Skerik. There’s other people involved too, and they’re all great, of course; I don’t mean to say otherwise.

But, Zony Mash is special. That’s what I’m saying. And, this show is even more special than that because of the addition of horns.

They’re also playing in Seattle on wednesday and in Olympia on friday. Everyone should go!

Here’s some pictures of Zony Mash Plus Horns playing in Amsterdam back in May: Wayne Horvitz Zony Mash & Horns – zondag 31 mei 2009, Bimhuis, Amsterdam. I like this one, especially.