orthodoxy is to be cupiditously afraid
all the time greedily claiming truth
but desperately afraid of everything
all the time fearing interpretation
of any word by anyone else
lest they discover another meaning
and become unclean

orthodoxy is to be stubbornly fragile
in the face of facts so it requires
disingenuousness and deceit

orthodoxy is weakness
always off balance
and defensive

orthodoxy is prejudice
because it assumes it knows
better than anyone else
without ever listening
the ending of the story
for all time
and for all purposes

orthodoxy is hate
of anything less than
some artificial definition
of arbitrary purity

orthodoxy is old age
arthritic and dyspeptic
always telling the kids
to get off the lawn
and turn that noise down

orthodoxy is ancient and crusty
rummy and wrinkled
it is the mummy of an idea
frozen in time
wrapped in stained swaddling clothes
with its brain torn out.