wanderlust and nesting

I travelled a lot when i was young

one time when i travelled to the airport, i realized in just the distance to the airport was further than most people historically travelled

but really? Is that true? So many of the people in my personal family history travelled a great deal. There were many hops across the pond, and many moves.

Maybe the truth of history is that the period of sedentary humans is the aberration. Take the recent discovery of stone tools on crete …

I don’t actually understand life without travel

my bothers have already travelled more than i have

i had a partner that had never left the state in which she lived. So i immediately arranged a road trip. But i did leave her behind when i went on my first trip across the pond.

But, as much as I’ve travelled, i realize that i also desperately need a nest. Not because of. Not in spite of. But rather a strong internal dichotomy, like the tension between thanatos and eros.

the walkabout, Agutter, the idea that one just needs to get out and travel

i get the itch if i don’t travel somewhere each year. Had thought about alternating years where one year was a road trip somewhere in the US and the next year was for international travel.

Living in the same place is not something I’m actually used to. After 10 years, i seem to get the almost overwhelming need to move on somewhere new. Sometimes that’s voluntary and other times the situation conspires to make it so.