another demon of dance
when all but almost naked
in satin and lace, red ribbons
but don’t touch, don’t touch
it’s a job for shapely asses
and I want to grace this
drink of her late at night
she has these marks on her
where did her irises go
glowing strangely like corpses
is she blind to what can be seen
of places and no places on earth
banished her from here
we’re forced to wander there
like lost souls in purgatory
for frame of my face can
cherubim swords of flame
and the genital dance deny
what takes place in a temple
of pylons in a familiar place
setting the feast of tastes to dine
around her like a ritual enacted
remember the dance this time
of pain and remembrance
of tortured metaphor and simile
and what is left remains
all that this is fluorescent lights
at the end of another night
no more dances tonight
escape to make your way home
and face the last dance alone
at home where you belong
between these sorry sheets
analog of the risen allegory
resurrection and epiphany
this is your nightmare
story told to the sane
who deny mary her due
as first and foremost disciple
magick makes you strong
and young again again again
all along you thought
it was a story or song
told by loving troubadours
in halls of honour and longing
for the courtly love of women
long ago forgotten maidens
but find instead the truth
that heresy is a longing
for harlots and whores
more true than truth told
for truth long kept secret
by people and protected
from angels and their ilk
because the perfect future
can’t ever know the truth
or secrets are spoiled by speaking
of imperfect past conjugated
belonging to a fake and false
category of classification
that belies a particular cypher
lost word but recovered code
from the temple floor uncovered
in eight sided rooms illustrated
of rediscovery and renewal
each equinox like clockwork
as password changes recognition
and the ritual renews narrative
continuity of changes communicated
takes place within chambers flashing
colours within the walls of legendary tombs
and wombs opened first and foremost
for you and four fingers lifting the coping stone