links for 2010-04-19

  • "Allie said that, because "Let the Right One In" is best known as an acclaimed Swedish film but also exists as a novel and is being remade for American audiences, the licensing situation for the comic is more complicated than usual. "Rather than just being a marketing device for the American film, this is going to be its own project, drawing upon all existing material – the Swedish novel, the Swedish film, and the American film," the editor said. "The novel is massive, rich with backstory and subtlety that didn't make it even to the very subtle and beautiful Swedish film. So we want to expand upon the world of the Swedish film by drawing upon the material from the novel. I think it'll allow us to do things impossible in either of the previous incarnations. We're planning a big program, with a unique scope to it." Since the comics will not be a straight adaptation, Allie also said that readers would see episodes taking place both before and after the familiar events of the film …"
  • "See, I order my life by the same mechanism that I use to build things. I cannot proceed to move tools around in the real world until my brain has a clear picture in it of what I'm building. The same goes for my life. I've tried to pay attention. I've tried to picture the way I want things to be, and I've noticed that when I had a clear picture, things often turned out the way I wanted them to.

    I've concluded by this that someone is paying attention—I've concluded that it's me."