links for 2010-04-23

  • "Have you ever wondered what Dark Side of the Moon would sound like if Pink Floyd had written it for NES, instead of for a rock band?"
    (tags: 8bit music)
  • "This is bad Tetris. It's hateful Tetris. It's Tetris according to the evil AI from "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream".

    I have to be honest, this is not an entirely original idea. (UPDATE: there is also the non-web-playable Bastet.) However, RRRR's implementation of the concept of a game of Tetris which always gives you the worst possible pieces leaves much to be desired:

    the keyboard interface frequently doesn't work
    the conditions for failure are ambiguous and inconsistent
    the playing field is only 8 blocks wide as compared to the standard 10
    the AI is either overly generous, or stupid, and frequently does NOT provide you with the worst possible piece

    HATETRIS was an experiment to rectify those flaws. Also, every coder has to build Tetris at least once in their life."

    (tags: puzzle games)
  • "Initiation is such a constant in the cultural body that it is evident in one form or another in nearly every human culture that has ever existed before the industrial age, at which point it became notably absent, at least on the surface. This absence has produced a very real psychological crisis on a cultural scale, although as we will see in many ways the initiatory impulse has merely transferred itself, oftentimes to behaviors and beliefs which only shallowly fulfill that impulse. (Or perhaps it is a symptom of a psychological crisis; it is probably the same, either way.) "
  • "Mythos Media is seeking submissions for the (tentatively titled) anthology Immanence of Myth. This project came about through my own experiences, notes & essays on the subject, but I have decided to open the floor to contributors to increase the scope & breadth of the book.

    This book will likely be broken into three sections: a deconstruction & analysis of "myth" as a concept, some forms of modern myths, and a section dealing with personal myths & experience- how myths (your own or others) have transformed or affected you. (see below)

    The premise of this book is that myths actually have an essential function in our daily lives, as a meaning-creating method of interpreting our experience, rather than being an "untrue but regularly held belief" or a fanciful story from a bygone era."

    (tags: books myth)