links for 2010-05-02

  • "The small liberal arts school has weathered numerous crises since its founding in 1853, but it has never come as close to destruction as during the last few months, when newly hired president Thomas Lindsay packed the Board of Trustees with 13 additional members who had a different agenda in mind for the college."

    "This brings us to the question of what Lindsay and his allies on the Board of Trustees were hoping to achieve. During the whole affair, they denied that they had any hidden political agenda; with an air of offended innocence, they claimed that they merely wished to cut out a little dead wood and put Shimer on a more solid financial basis."

    "Shimer? Isn’t that that little school that kicked out its president? Something about an attempted right-wing takeover?"

    "… an example of Shimer’s dynamism and distinctiveness, something to be very proud of, something that will be one of the cornerstones of Shimer’s image and reputation from this point on."