Tweets for 2010-06-10

  • Point of order. It is self evidently false that it is always sunny in philadelphia. Just saying. But, it's kind of a touch of home. #
  • Great dinner with new friends from Thelesis at the home of Blavatsky! #
  • "Like a religious relic … People wanted not only to see it, but to touch it, kiss it, and sit on it." #
  • @Frater_Puck oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave?! in reply to Frater_Puck #
  • Absinthe? Denied! #
  • With apologies to Roth and the Boys, sung to the tune of … Sometimes, I wish they all could be college girls. #
  • @plutopsyche they weren't open yet, of all things. in reply to plutopsyche #
  • My autocorrect tried to turn my typo of "gnostic mass" into "gnostic ass" … #
  • RT @jabancroft: At last: In Safari 5, Undo (Command+Z) will re-open the last-closed tab (via @drawar) #