Tweets for 2010-06-12

  • Hallooo DC! It's been ages. #
  • BBC and Starz team up for fourth season of Torchwood! #
  • @GoSafetyPenguin glad to help! in reply to GoSafetyPenguin #
  • Thanks for this week's #FF @Eidyn_Taliesin and HT @vincentmoon @moroduub @Asmodee @northanger @twitexperiment @blacksilkwhore #
  • Library of Congress reader registration process is the largest installation of Sun Ray network computers I've ever seen. Not saying much … #
  • Crazy maze to get to the main reader room on a saturday! Like a cheat code: up, left, right, right, left, right, left, down, left, right … #
  • Sittin' at desk #156 in the Jefferson building waiting for my requested material … #
  • And, I'm now a licensed LoC reader, world, so … I can now use the researcher entrances and you can't! Ha! (Unless, you know, you get one.) #
  • This is taking forever. Maybe I should have sacrificed the ambiance of the main reader room for the proximity of Adams? #
  • Can you guess what I'm waiting for at LoC? #
  • They came back once and said, which one do you want? But, the catalog says there's one copy and doesn't have vol or iss information … #
  • "I want it all (give it all – I want it all)
    I want it all (yeah)
    I want it all and I want it now" #
  • Someone just sneezed in here and it echoed for, like, 5 minutes. #
  • Ended up having to go back to Adams anyway … now sitting with a bound volume 3-4 (1910-1911) which I'm told is the earliest available. #
  • "Barley Brings Health And Vigor when ably malted and fermented with the tonic properties of Saazer Hops as in Anheuser Busch's Malt-Nutrine" #
  • "Thousands of delicate women will testify to its food and tonic qualities." #
  • There's an April 1916 review by Crowley of The Veils of Isis by Frank Harris not listed in Germer's inventory. This appears to be the first. #
  • Oh, so that's what the Dec 1917 cover looks like! #