links for 2010-07-08

  • "But by the dawn of the twentieth century, canny people began to describe their curse as something more broad still: the doom of living in history. History as nightmare was James Joyce's charge. History is nightmare wherever revolutions have been attempted and failed."

    "The former victims of exclusion shut out possible interlocutors: there appears to be no alternative, for both sides are laboring under the burden of history."

    "Some radicals like it that way: a high barrier to entry means fewer superficial participants, more true believers in the ranks."

    "I was quieted; I let identity go; I inherited community."

    "A choice in favor of community is a choice to listen to people who are different from oneself."

    "And that brings vulnerability to abuse. If one is going to continue listening, bridging, moving, and living, one will probably have to make a myriad series of corrections: boundaries, blockages, and disengagements, throwing up one's own walls against abuse."