Tweets for 2010-08-17

  • Maybe this is the source of the "Sequim Hole"? (No references!? The Sequim Hole is a mythical, weather phenomenon.) #
  • So, I think the reason Scott Pilgrim isn't doing so well at the box office is because it is TOO FREAKIN AWESOME. </fanboy> #
  • The climate difference between outside and the conditioned inside is causing fog to form in my bathroom when I leave that window open! #
  • "remember what the dormouse said" #
  • @WeiserBooks there should be an Egyptian purity test geekcode for that in reply to WeiserBooks #
  • @WeiserBooks it's like let's make a deal. If you've sinned, and loud and proud about it, there's a special 2nd door in the duat for you … in reply to WeiserBooks #