links for 2010-08-18

  • "We’re both drugged with faery blood and capable of colorful things that inform treasure hunts and tower falls and fairy tale shivering."
  • "Blake loathed the deistic, natural religion associated with Newton and Bacon. He called it 'soul-shuddering.' Materialism he dismissed as 'the philosophy in vogue.' He thought the Enlightenment had created a false deity for itself, one imagined by Rousseau and Voltaire as projected human reason. The 'dark Satanic mill' of Jerusalem are the mills that 'grind out material reality', as Peter Ackroyd writes in his biography of Blake, continuing: 'These are the mills that entrance the scientist and the empirical philosopher who, on looking through the microscope or telescope, see fixed mechanism everywhere.'"

    "His illustrations map the spiritual drama he envisaged every person undergoing. Their 'truth' is revealed in so far as they engage you – and that they do so by unsettling, by disturbing."