reasonable errors

So desperate to point out another’s reasonable errors as if they were transgressions against Nature herself, you are nothing more than an ass, off course and off your reservation, out of your jurisdiction and in violation of your professed beliefs. You insist to consistently prove yourself unworthy of any consideration or attention, which you so desperately seek like an addict scratching after the last dregs of their drugs.

I submit for consideration that your constant conflict with others, both presently and historically, at the lodge and elsewhere is because you are off your course. And, any time you manage to convince anyone that you are doing your Will, you are actually misleading them because you are really doing your villianous whim instead. Personally, I believe you are duplicitous and know you are misleading them, but even if you are as ignorant as you claim about your constant incitation and insurrection and therefore are also managing to mislead yourself about your actions, you should know what you claim not to and that failure then of self knowledge is no excuse for your criminal act of interference and breach of hospitality, more over that lack is really worse all in all, I suppose, because it makes you doubly false, instead of merely an ass.

And if those in the position to weigh in end up condoning your conduct, then they are as culpable as you, either seeing and overlooking or being blind and thus failing their position of oversight, and as deserving of the kind of death prescribed in Liber OZ.

And if my efforts to help overall are enabling your campaigns, against me or all the others whom you wrong, then I refuse to work against myself by working in general in ways which resolve equations indirectly into solutions which balance on your behalf.