The point is not to deny another’s perception of the elephant

The point is not to deny another’s perception of the elephant, but to see all viewpoints as gifts which lead toward a better understanding of elephant-ness.

Like the oath of the Magister Templi, where all phenomenon are messages from god, all viewpoints are reflection of that message since they are facets of perception which lead to a more wholistic picture, comprised of the mosaic of views, of these phenomenon. This is as a composite telescope which can see further and more detail than each or any of the individual mirrors of which it is comprised. Such mosaics are opportunities to collectively come closer to apprehension of the imperceptibles of which each individual is unable alone. Together we have the chance to perceive more light than we have alone, and this only if we allow for the differential and parallax between individual views brought together, not to erase or remove the diversity; but rather to incorporate the diversity into a whole greater than the parts.