Tweets for 2010-09-05

  • @joguldi I raise a Ginger mojito by proxy in your hour of need in reply to joguldi #
  • Okay, peeps! It is closing time. You don't have to go to Da'ath, but you can't stay here. #
  • Life is not fair. It also not a farmer's market. It is, however, quite often, a cabaret. #
  • Sidewalk art at 15th & Stark last night #
  • The Rite of Mercury poster signed by the cast & c. #
  • Back to the Future, the card game, by Looney Labs! #
  • Babalon 777 by Shango #
  • Srsly, Trimet, a nickel? Who the frak caries nickels? Why make your fare damned annoying? I'd rather walk than carry nickels. #