Enochian Magick Lecture at Sekhet-Maat on Oct 23th

This Enochian Magick Lecture is actually going to be a full day of enochian magick and ritual at Sekhet-Maat Lodge on Saturday, Oct 23th, 2010. Starting at 12:30pm there’s a series of talks until 5pm. Then there’s some great unstructured time to hang out, grab some food and talk before heading back. Finally, at 8pm there’s an Enochian Group Ritual for those that attended the rest of the day’s events. Scott Wilde and Onyieh Jewel are coming down from Horizon Oasis in Seattle to do this workshop.

Enochian Magick Lecture - lecture & group ritual with Scott Wilde and Onyieh Jewel - Sat Oct 23, 2010 e.v. - Sekhet-Maat Lodge