links for 2010-10-06

  • "My conclusion could be summed up by saying that I see no reason not to vote for more or less “progressive” or even “lesser evil” candidates if you feel like it, but that I caution you to be aware of the limitations of that strategy and to avoid putting all your eggs in that one basket. I will grant, however, that this is a complex issue and that there are some good arguments against encouraging such voting, insofar as it tends to lend credibility to the existing system and to distract attention from other more radical possibilities."
  • "n 1876 portable libraries were first introduced in the Light-House Establishment and furnished to all light vessels and inaccessible offshore light stations with a selection of reading materials. These libraries were contained in a portable wooden case, each with a printed listing of the contents posted inside the door. Proper arrangements were made for the exchange of these libraries at intervals, and for revision of the contents as books became obsolete in accordance with suggestions obtained from public library authorities."