Tweets for 2010-11-01

  • "So, if the zombie apocalypse happened on Oct 31st, how long would it take for people to figure it out?" #
  • "And, wouldn't all the little zombie ballerinas and unicorns be SO cute?!" #
  • "Right up until they ripped off your face, anyway, yelling 'trick or your BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!!!" #
  • At the premiere of The Walking Dead at Bagdad … #
  • Met the creator of Faceeater "a post-apocaliptic game of zombies, vampires, social deviants, and overall dastardly beasties" #
  • Faceeater has asynchronous gameplay, like Ice Towers from Looney Labs! Cool and rare in game design. Players play whenever, not turns. #
  • "The object of the game is to avoid having your face eaten while shafting your opponents." #
  • @slumberland Chris, it is at in reply to slumberland #
  • Thanks for helping get the word out about the plight of mutilated pumpkins this Halloween! @james_padfoot @fifthfloorup in reply to james_padfoot #