Tweets for 2010-11-13

  • Something seasonally apocalyptic to eat while you play Smurfs on the iPad #
  • Oh, Sterquilinus missiles! #
  • Hey, cool. My passport card came with a gov't issued tyvek faraday cage. My passport book did not, interestingly. #
  • Aaaaaand, Hump! #
  • Hump! has been going for 6 years in Seattle. This is the 2nd year in Portland, but 1/2 the finalists were from Portland. #
  • Kinda bummed it turned out to be the same finalists in both cities, since I went to the effort to go to both. But, it was fun both times. #
  • @Dan_Christensen perhaps, rather, can you be sane and yell in a dead language? Just be glad they didn't call up an eldritch horror! #
  • Just because I didn't think you'd say yes, doesn't mean I wasn't serious when I asked anyway. #