links for 2010-12-27

  • "The long-lost classic of text-adventure gaming is restored at last to a glory it never knew! Thrill to the savagery of the Sky Piranha! Marvel at the pathos of a love-struck Frankenstein! Mutate from exposure to unmodulated phasic radiation! Wield a rune-carved peg-leg Dwarf in your hand, and crush a wicked kingdom beneath your sandaled tread."

    "ToaSK is a z-machine game (a format devised by Infocom for the Zork games back in the slightly more real 1970s)."

  • "A GIANT straw goat, erected in the centre of a Swedish town as part of a tradition which dates back to 1966, has survived kidnapping and arson plots to stand tall on Christmas Day.
    While half the town is passionately proud about the Gavle Goat which is erected in the town's main square, Slottstorget, the other half of the town is equally proud of attempts to burn it down, Swedish news website The Local reported."