links for 2011-03-09

  • "So, after several months of working on the project when I could—snatching minutes and hours between work, grad school, and making Cthulhus—I am very proud to announce that I have finished an eBook of The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft."
  • "Together, we can work together from the grassroots up to make things better for everyone. I want us to use the Internet to connect and protect organizations that are doing good stuff.
    It’s a long-term effort, not a one-shot deal, we’re talking ongoing support for effective organizations. I’m committing 20 years to craigconnects, focusing first on nonprofits and public service organizations that get stuff done on a sustainable basis.
    I’ve been doing this for nonprofits, but much more informally, for maybe 10 years, applying a lot of what I’ve learned doing customer service for craigslist.  Now I think it’s time to get deadly serious."
  • "Observational evidence has long suggested that elephants are pretty smart; they can mimic sounds they hear, they have elaborate death rituals, and they can rock out on the harmonica. However, due to their sheer size and their frightening ability to crush a skull with one stomp of their foot, little experimental research has been done on their cognitive skills. Now, a new study in PNAS shows that elephants know when they need help, and they also understand the role of a partner in cooperative tasks."
  • "The Supreme Court will says it will hear a case considering whether public domain works can be pushed back into the copyright closet. And advocacy groups say that free speech is at stake in this fight. Congress' decision to uphold an international treaty allowing for public works to be "restored" into copyright will create an atmosphere of uncertainty for libraries, they warn, caretakers of the public domain."
  • "Johnny Ryan's A History of the Internet and the Digital Future has just been released and is already drawing rave reviews. Ars Technica is proud to present three chapters from the book, condensed and adapted for our readers. You can find Chapter 1 here. The current installment is adapted from Chapter 3, "The Essence of the Internet," and it tells the story of the development of some of the fundamental technologies and protocols that underlie the Internet."