The thing about collective bargaining

The thing about collective bargaining: it’s what congress does in a republic; it’s what management does on behalf of shareholders; so …

I deny the premise that there’s anything wrong with the compensation package paid to the public workers in Wisconsin for their work. The current bout of union busting is a coldly calculated political maneuver being rushed in under false pretense, and part of an overall political agenda.

However, I think if we want to take a look at suspect compensation packages, how about: legislators that vote for their own raises and perks, including full health care, while real wages shrink and blocking or dismantling the social net for others; heinous wall street bonuses and corporate bonuses even while shafting the public and other workers; the abusively high ratio of CEO compensation compared to their employees; and so on and on. Income and wealth disparity are the real economic crisis, and is moreover an injustice.

As Utah Phillips was want to repeat, from the I.W.W.: “Get rid of the bum on the plush!” The real parasites are at the top. And, the real thugs are those that defend the real parasites.

The thing about collective bargaining: it’s a natural consequence and combination of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, so …

Collective bargaining is a natural right of those who are invested with the rights to self-government which come from freedom and speech and freedom of assembly. Thus, collective bargaining is simply an inalienable right, because it is a form of self-government. Any laws or contracts which deny this right are abusive of those rights, but cannot remove them. Inalienable rights cannot be revoked or forfeit and any laws or contracts which rely on the abuse of those rights are null and void. This is a step beyond claim of nolo contendre, but rather that the law and contract are an injustice and so acting contrary to them, to repudiate them with action, is a duty, a necessary function and implication of citizenship.

The thing about collective bargaining: Any government or corporation arguing against it should dissolve in solidarity with itself, so …

If the argument is really against collective bargaining, per se, and not an excuse to create a power inequity during bargaining, then any collective entity within a bargaining process that doesn’t believe in the collective bargaining of the other should dissolve itself also, to be fair. Otherwise, the whole argument against the other should be quickly and summarily dismissed as naked power politics.

Further, any collective entity engaged in bargaining which denies the collective bargaining rights of an other, should have its own collective bargaining denied in reciprocity. Thus, any corporation that denies collective bargaining rights should send each and every shareholder individually to each and every bargaining session, or else be recognized as hypocrites. Thus, any government that denies collective bargaining rights should send each an every constituent individually to each and every bargaining session, or else be recognized as hypocrites. Hypocritical governments should be dissolved and hypocritical corporations should have their charters revoked.