Tweets for 2011-03-17

  • @pepsilovr but nowadays goes to so Cisco thought it important enough, but glad that minor point is cleared up. Whew! #
  • Harry and the Potters in PDX June 20 multcolib no po June 21 backspace! #
  • Every time an OTO member criticizes another member's hat a new "reincarnation"'of Aleister Crowley is born. #
  • "I've had a vision of God … And it smells like … Victory!" #
  • "I can't go to sleep early. You know what happened to Grandpa! … That's why I smoke crack." #
  • @pepsilovr nope. It did not. Thanks for playing. #
  • Anyhow, any proprietary software that announces they are going opensource a decade too late triggers a death watch in 3 … 2 … 1 #
  • @davegray I'd be willing to say that design is thinking. Time, both duration and span, are design constraints. #
  • There's just no way that calling it a "Man Shower" or "Man Baby Shower" doesn't quickly go downhill from there. #