Tweets for 2011-03-27

  • Mememe! RT @tomcoates @tigoe: genome = your genetic profile. biome = your microbial profile. What do we call your data profile? infome? #
  • Or maybe that's a "memeome"? #
  • New post: You wouldn't hit a guy in a fluffy bunny costume would you? #
  • While I wasn't paying attention the folks at have apparently been developing & c. #
  • Looks like the wild west RTS thingy they had going is gone now, though; but Puzzle Pirates is still going! #
  • And, moreover, they have a scheduled launch for a Doctor Who online world later this year. Good on them! #
  • I don't even remember what was there anymore, but I think old school Internet died around the time when the host went offline. #
  • "The queen has tipped her chalice …" by John Griogair Bell #