Tweets for 2011-04-03

  • Gadzooks. I resemble that remark. RT @lilithsaintcrow #
  • I've been boycotting godaddy since before it was cool to. Seriously, what took everyone so long? #
  • There must be something in the CEO water they drink. GoDaddy, Whole Foods … Nasty pieces of work. #
  • I also don't donate to call center union busting Greenpeace and avoid Microsoft products. What do you personally boycott? Or wish you did? #
  • I did however call off the decades-long Baskin-Robbins boycott for canceling licorice when years later I found I now loathe that flavour. #
  • @mstwilighteyes *shudder* #
  • @anthony_HW After all, it's only a short step from tracking our movements to tracking our movements and then shooting bullets … #
  • Those who "urge you to be cautious when opening links and attachments from unknown third parties" fail to say that ALL email is exactly that #
  • @openbuddha What do you win when you reach 2400? A free vintage blue box? #