Tweets for 2011-04-09

  • "I had a thought that I was a vein running up your leg infecting your heart. It's the speed of what's to come. Well, it tears me apart." #
  • The smoke shop at 82nd & Division has closed. Even addicts are economizing?! #
  • No more graffiti and agro neighbors?! Welcome instead @ensowinery to SE Stark & 14th. Opens memorial day weekend. Cheers! #
  • Oh, I totally just said "syntactical" when I meant "semantic". I hate when that happens. #
  • Sidney Lumet has passed, director of Equus, Serpico, Network … and The Wiz. #
  • @joguldi any philosophical connection to diggers and levelers to that scots squatting? Or mainly long-tail consequence of clearances? #