links for 2011-04-25

  • "This kind of irreverence is exactly what I have been teaching for some years to my university students. In addition to testing and analyzing hypotheses, scientists must figure out how to get good novel hypotheses in the first place, and this is something that is rarely taught."
  • "At the time, each Peep took 30 hours by hand to create a single, delicious marshmallow creation."
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  • "Today, two and a half centuries later, the nation’s bookshelves sag with doorstop biographies of the founders; Tea Partiers dressed as Benjamin Franklin call for an end to social services for the poor; and the “Path to Prosperity” urges a return to “America’s founding ideals of liberty, limited government and equality under the rule of law.” But the story of Jane Mecom is a reminder that, especially for women, escaping poverty has always depended on the opportunity for an education and the ability to control the size of their families."

    "Jane Mecom died in that house in 1794. Later, during a political moment much like this one, when American politics was animated by self-serving invocations of the founders, her house was demolished to make room for a memorial to Paul Revere."