Tweets for 2011-04-26

  • Cool! says, "for the next few days use discount code summerinthecity for 50% off your entire order" #
  • 12 minute tribute to Elisabeth Sladen that played during the UK BBC premiere of Doctor Who #
  • Pretty damning evidence. Print & Newspapers totally knew it was coming and still failed to adapt. #
  • Oh. Nevermind. That video gets delusional when they start talking about people trusting newspaper brands and people liking ads … #
  • But, overall, it's pretty clear that they had a chance to jump on the cluetrain and blew it. Par for the course, I guess. Oh, the humanity! #
  • New Explosions in the Sky release today #
  • Million dollar books on Amazon reminded me of the old "Most Expensive Book on Amazon" now $7,679! Only 1 in stock! #
  • Check out the reviews of that one for some nostalgic giggles: 'Chemical Shifts and Coupling Constants for Silicon-29' #