Tweets for 2011-04-27

  • "By the pricing of my goods something capitalist this way comes" #
  • The thing about corporate personhood is that if corporations are to be people, they must also be made mortal; and after a lifetime, die. #
  • @Demon_Writer Indeed, they have rituals of propitiation and special sigils, and a domain of use for a necromancer … #
  • Damn. Who's the smart cookie that wrote this? "Concentration, Consolidation and Culture" Oh, yeah. That'd be me! #
  • @Demon_Writer And, building on ideas in Geosophia & c., corporations as demons are not just people a la 14th, but are in fact dead people. #
  • Or, in other words, each act of incorporation should be carefully prefixed in bold with "Do not raise up that which ye cannot put down" #
  • Or more technically, I think that's "doe not call up Any that you can not put downe" #