links for 2011-05-02

  • "President Obama has consolidated and institutionalized not only the National Surveillance State but the National Security State. If a Democratic president will do this, what can we expect from the next Republican president? If Democrats defend, excuse or sit idly by while a Democratic president does this, what credibility will they have in trying to stop what is done by the next Republican president?"
  • "Keith LeBlanc is giving away his classic drum beats and loops for free on his website. The only thing he wants in return for the use of the material is to be credited. And of course he’s also interested in hearing the finished work.
    Keith LeBlanc delved into his personal archive, remixed hours of classic drum beats and loops, and is making them available to what he sees as a tremendously talented new generation of musicians."
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  • "The crowd Sunday remained calm but would passionately shout out 'Si se puede' when prompted by event organizers and many carried signs with slogans such as 'Stop corporate greed.'
    Many standing in support of local laborers said they wanted to join in the solidarity of the event and that it was a great way to unite Portland. "
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  • "May Day has a long-standing tradition around the world, especially in this country where it all began. The first May Day, started in Chicago in 1886, was a call for the eight-hour  when it became more evident that the trial was rigged."
    "May Day in Olympia has less of a dramatic history though nonetheless interesting."

    "No War except Class War!"