links for 2011-05-11

  • "One of our objections has been the Huffington Post’s practice of soliciting writers to cover beats, offering them “exposure” in place of a paycheck. In response, we have called on Arianna Huffington to meet with us to discuss ways to build a sustainable business model for journalism in the digital age, rather than one built on the labor of unpaid writers.

    So far there has been no meeting. But interestingly, over the past two weeks, we have noticed a policy shift at the Huffington Post. Granted, the changes have been subtle, but it seems like Ms. Huffington may be taking a different approach to editorial content these days.

    We have been receiving word from long-time Huffington Post bloggers that news stories containing original news reporting and fresh reaction quotes will no longer be accepted. As one editor wrote to one blogger, “blogging should take the form of opinion and commentary rather than original reporting.”"