Tweets for 2011-05-13

  • @Demon_Writer Stratton-Kent seems to make a similar connection in Geosophia, I seem to recall. #
  • @Demon_Writer Took me about 1/2 way through to really get into it, but it's interesting. Maybe to you too. #
  • @emmettoconnell I'm still amazed at how awesome some of the music I picked up at the KAOS cd sale back in 2006 is! #
  • @Demon_Writer No rush. But, there's a test later. (Hint: pick the well of memory.) #
  • @Demon_Writer I think just a priest. Was the red robe to do with his academy, as faculty robe, perhaps? #
  • Check the comments! RT @qikipedia: Newsflash. Rebel leader Obi-Wan Kenobi killed by Imperial forces #
  • Like neocons, they accuse others of their own guilt. RT “@BoingBoing: Facebook outed as source of anti-Google PR smear” #
  • Some stranger txts me saying "Yamilet?" so of course I reply "The Potato of Denmark?" … #