Tweets for 2011-07-09

  • Spa says it offers something called a "Diamond Peel" … Sounds frightening. For when plain old sand blasting won't do? #
  • Another purpose for the third place and example of a commons coming back? "Back to the coffee house" via The Economist #
  • The end of the Space Shuttle is to Star Trek on Netflix as the end of the Clinton Era was to West Wing on TV; fantasy to ameliorate the end. #
  • @MsRaeJones #sex makes me think that if you're going to make a hash of sex, might as well skip straight to the chocolate. #
  • @MsRaeJones or else, you've got a really odd breakfast fetish for #sex #
  • So which is it going to be, then, eh? Googlu or Yahulu? Decisions, decisions! #
  • @MsRaeJones Garfield. #
  • Apparently someone in Arizona got my phone number from Craigslist for an ad I didn't place … #