links for 2011-07-15

  • "The Journal of Contemporary Heathen Thought is a publication that seeks to foster the development and promulgation of philosophical inquiry and thought within the Heathen community.  We hope to reach beyond the historical overviews, introductions, mythographical expositions, and presentations of practices and rituals that have comprised the bulk of specifically Heathen publications thus far."
  • "In a manifesto presented in one of their early books, the cubo-futurists presented a demanding programme for the deconstruction of traditional language which was to find its complete expression in zaum."

    "With this manifesto the door was opened to a new dimension of poetry, one in which the emphasis was no longer on meaning but rather on the 'sound' of the poetry."

    "words are in chains, subordinated to meaning. The futurists have invented a language which is free, transmental and universal."

  • "Thanks to search engines, most simple facts don’t need to be remembered. They can be accessed with a few keystrokes, plucked from ubiquitous server-stored external memory — and that may be changing how our own memories are maintained."