Tweets for 2011-07-30

  • The thing about the debt crisis is that some people have always said they want to weaken the government until they can drown it in a tub. #
  • It is a mean, selfish and antisocial win-win for some: hold everything hostage until they get every nasty demand or the government topples. #
  • It is affect, effect and consequence from the politics of parasites that leads to destruction and possible death of our body we're seeing. #
  • Politics is war by other means; so the real American Gladiators is in DC. We're seeing the blood sport of a revenge fantasy play out. #
  • When we put cannibals in charge it should be no surprise that they want to eat people. #
  • @GlennF @xenijardin a kind of stockholm syndrome for security salarymen desperately displacing their anger on dehumanized others? Again! #
  • @ensowinery hey, that Diablo Rojo is good stuff! #