Tweets for 2011-08-02

  • The death of the book, again! RT @pushpoppress Push Pop Press is coming to the world's largest book, Facebook. #
  • Apparently this week is a festival of fun where all my technology melts down at random intervals. #
  • Ah, the age old question! RT @TweetsofOld Shall the people rule, or shall the distilleries and brewers take charge of the government? KY1911 #
  • It's enough to make me want to throw a tantrum! Wait. What? RT @MsRaeJones Perfect. #
  • @MsRaeJones Reading the article, the first thing to mind: "That foolish person is using the iPhone Facebook app on their iPad!" #
  • If only … RT @SocialistViews fury at Obama's rightward swing also has the potential to provoke more activism and fightback. #debtceiling #
  • @headache79 Too bad that happened in '007 instead of MacGyver, or you could have saved the planet with the parts! #