Tweets for 2011-08-08

  • Anyone got a hook up for a real job that involves frequent travel to New York? #
  • Anyone still at the #notocon hotel want to share a taxi to DTW? #
  • Srsly? A lock on the ashtray? Is there an epidemic of hoodlums steal ash #
  • But what's the point of a lock on the ash receptacle when you could just carry away the whole thing?! #
  • As if on cue, heading to my flight home and the rain starts … #
  • Still running into people from #notocon at the airport. Helping a brother out with my phone, also talking again with Bernaby while waiting. #
  • I was the exact last person boarding my flight not required to check carry on bags. Whew! And also WTF? Half boarded and overhead is full?! #