links for 2011-08-10

  • "I am no longer going to fight with people who are more interested in keeping the status quo than they are in changing the world. I am no longer going to fight with people who are more interested in keeping their power and their privilege than they are about fighting for justice. I am going to let them keep doing what they are doing but I am not going to participate. I will, however, actively work against anyone who seeks to marginalize or harm my community.
    Instead I am going to start living into a new world. I’m going to start doing the real work. I’m going to spend my energy creating the structures that need to exist instead of fighting the ones that don’t."
  • "DefCon, the long-running, annual hacker conference in Las Vegas, lowered its age restrictions this year for the inaugural 'DefCon Kids Village.'

    Roughly 60 young hacker-wannabes aged eight to 16 were mentored in the arts of 'white hat' hacking, or hacking in a responsible manner, this past weekend."

    "CyFi, a ten-year-old Girl Scout and DefCon Kids co-founder from California, presented her findings on an exploit in an unnamed social game. She began tinkering with the code after growing impatient with the game's slow place, and discovered that by disconnecting her phone from Wi-Fi and re-setting the clock forward in small increments, she could fast-forward many of the actions in the game, 'a new class of vulnerabilities' she dubbed 'TimeTraveler.'

    CyFi presented her findings at a talk called 'Apps—A Traveler of Both Time and Space, And What I Learned About Zero-Days and Responsible Disclosure.'"

  • "Until fairly recently, Canadian English was a severely understudied national variety of English. Reliable sociolinguistic data of a national scope has been especially hard to come by and, until the mid-1990s, was virtually inexistent."

    "The last ten years in particular have produced significant data on a national scale that allows the characterization of the variety more adequately than before."

  • "What are the tools every hands-on projecteer needs? To answer that question, we went right to DIYers themselves, specifically the exhibitors at last fall's World Maker Faire NY event."
  • "As time went on, we became a confederation of hedonists with little regard for one another's feelings."