Tweets for 2011-08-11

  • OMG WTF?! vegetarian skinless haggis?! #
  • @thebkwyrm someone clearly clinically insane, that's who #
  • @ensowinery hope you've got a bunch of Hemmingway cats all with freakinsh extra toes to help stomping those grapes! #
  • I've talked about the 1984 Nihilist Olympics so often over the years, but it never occurred to me until now to search: #
  • @openpoem yeah. Nation building. We should try it here some time. #
  • @openpoem sounds like a great plan! #
  • Yes, yes! Let Burt & Ernie marry, but someone should also suggest marriage counseling because they've got issues. #
  • Let us recall, also, the controversy about Sesame Street talking about Mr. Hooper's death. They have an admirable history of honesty. #
  • Has anyone done thinking about the London riots as participating in the tradition of peasant revolts and Pullman strikes? #