links for 2011-09-07

  • "Winstanley is a truly amazing and painstaking account of misery, as it depicts those whose cause is righteous and nonviolent. Winstanley evokes the civil war mood of the mid 1600s – where Cromwell's parliamentary forces defeat and behead the king to only find that there is a second bloody civil war where the levellers, those who wanted a share in the land, are crushed by Cromwell, thereby ending a shortlived optimism that things for the poor will change for the better. The narrative is taken from the pamphlet writings of Gerrard Winstanley a gentle, Christian radical. He sort of resembles a hippie of the 1970s. The film is based on the book by David Caute, "Comrade Jacob," but has been thoroughly reworked by co-directors Brownlow and Mollo."
  • "What's a commune? We use the Wikipedia definition: A commune is simply “a community that shares resources.” You can start one today, right where you are (in your apartment building, dorm, office or cul-de-sac). Use the resource-sharing tools below, or come up with your own. Keep us posted and we'll share your ideas and stories on the blog. All together now…"