Tweets for 2011-09-07

  • After planning for future Enochian work, long distance date night watching a pretty funny You Again #
  • Especially, I like "Simple Rules for Seaside Enjoyment" but this new Gutenberg is amusing #
  • "Come out before you have actually ceased to enjoy yourself." #
  • "It is better to have your own towel, one at least, and let it be moderately rough." #
  • "When quite dry, dress, and it ought not to be at all necessary to dress quickly." #
  • "Remember that the glow after the bath is the grand event to be looked for." #
  • "Don’t forget flannel under-clothing if at all delicate." #
  • The Cornel West Theory's new video "The Contradiction" #
  • @CALIFORNIA92236 Thanks for the link the the video. Grant Morrison is pretty wild, yeah! #