Tweets for 2011-09-27

  • Mead at Midnight is Solace for the Soul #
  • You do what on your Enochian Holy Table?! #
  • "Breathless in the presence of a maid would he distribute the mead" – Y Gododdin #
  • "loquacious was their host;
    Fresh mead was their feast, and also their poison." – Y Gododdin #
  • "Mead they drank, yellow, sweet, ensnaring." – Y Gododdin #
  • "Their life was the price of their banquet of mead" – Y Gododdin #
  • "It was sad that you should have caused a gushing of blood,
    Like the drinking of mead in the midst of laughter." – Y Gododdin #
  • "Sooner hadst thou gone to the bloody bier
    Than to the nuptial feast;
    Sooner hadst thou gone to be food for ravens" – Y Gododdin #
  • "My breath is faint as in running,
    And then I weep." – Y Gododdin #
  • "may their souls after battle be welcomed in the land of heaven, the home of plenty. Many a mother with tears in her eyes …" – Y Gododdin #
  • Out of mead?! Bring on the Absinthe! #
  • “Il est l’heure de s’enivrer!
    Pour n’être pas les esclaves martyrisés du Temps,
    enivrez-vous" #
  • "enivrez-vous sans cesse!
    De vin, de poésie ou de vertu, à votre guise." – Baudelaire #
  • Kid Koala and more absinthe! By the gods, if I'm getting dumped this week, I'm going to remember the hangover for months. So mote it be. #
  • Where's the tattoo parlor?! #
  • Ouch! #
  • Oh sadhappy, sadhappy, you make me happy when I'm sad! #
  • Ah, Amy Denio! Tone Dogs! I have a major crush on the weathered minor traffic island psycho wall. #
  • I have it on good authoritythat Bear Prairie needs alcohol like mars needs women. Actually, send women too. #